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I always thought that a blog was a name given to a man that lives in swamps.

My name is Eric Timms and I paint for a living and have done ever since I can remember.

For the last 6 months I have been developing a technique that is fresh and a departure from the endless stream of landscapes, seascapes and wildlife that I have had to endure in order to keep the wolf from the door. It really started in December 2015 when I saw some Australian Aboriginal art at a friend’s house. I have always loved indigenous artwork but how to develop this format without being overly influenced by it is a challenge that I think is worth investigating.

I decided to refresh my palette with new colours and chose metallic gold as a base.

Dear Remus

Dear Remus

I started out by doing a painting to commemorate the birth of my first grandchild, Remus. I am reasonably happy with the result but more work is needed. I think the gold border is too flat



The second painting using this style I like a lot. I discovered a freedom that I had lost somewhere down the line and I started loving being an artist again. I titled it “Routes” but really it could be “Roots” because I feel that, with this painting I am going back to my roots.



Next came “Facebook”. The painting does the talking. I like it a lot. Perhaps the best so far.



At about the time I was ready to start a new work my wife bought a new laptop and I was introduced to Windows 10. Setting it up with an anti-virus program was a nightmare. Dealing with McAffe’s service department was interesting as it seemed to me that all they were doing was trying to extricate as much money from me as they possibly could. So I painted “Anti-Virus”.

New gallery sign

My new sign for the gallery

I decide to paint a new sign for my gallery and I used my new style. It came out very well I think.



I have always loved the work of Juan Miro and especially his painting of the farm he grew up on so I thought I would do a painting of the farm on which I live. I really like this painting and it has made me decide to pursue this style and technique for the foreseeable future.