1. Jul, 2016

Second step

Another reason I am using a small board is so that I can work on a horizontal surface or, as some people call it, a table. I am doing this because it is more comfortable. All the years leaning over an easel has done my neck in so take head and look after your posture.

After choosing an image of Max, I traced the salient points onto the board with a positive template that I cut out of tissue paper and a lighter shade of black. USE A DRY BRUSH. I then used a 0000brush to outline the result in dots. The dots are 20% white and 80% Liquin Original because I want them dry and hard in as quick a time as possible. We all know how long Titanium white takes to dry. That’s it for today and I’ll carry on with a piece I am painting for Scott. (I haven’t forgotten you my friend)