The final product. "Big Bang". Scroll down to see some of the detail. I will study it for a while and then try to analyse the thing

A section of detail.

The time has arrived to start putting in the light and the shadows. Break out the triple noughts.

A bit of detail.

About halfway there and I do believe it looks good but then I would, wouldn't I.

A word of thanks.

I have received some encouraging comments from around our globe. Thank you as this really fires me up. Some changes are afoot so keep watching and perhaps you can suggest a title for this painting.

At last things are taking shape

Progress Report

I have applied the background and it is a bit pathchy. This is not a problem as it will eventually be covered in dots. It seems that guns are a real problem in our society what with events on the ground here and also in NC. It will be interesting to see what effect this will have on the next phase of this painting. In the mean time I think today that I will pay attention to the red blood like areas as well as adding touches of detail to the "sheep" of which there are now two in evedence. I am certainly entering the hard work phase and it will be heads down for at least the next two weeks before the essence of the piece will become evident.

Technical Notes.

I would like the red to shine so as a background I am starting with equal parts Cadmium Red, Naples Yellow and Indian Yellow. To graduate to shadow I am using equal parts French Ultra Marine Blue and Alizarin Crimson. Work slow in bands of about 2mm.

Suddenly the long horned sheep makes an appearance.

The next step is to cover the entire canvas in paint. I can see the conflict making an appearance but what else?

This was the result. See below.

Working on the Jungian theory of the collective subconscious and knowing that Penni too is deeply concerned about the game hunting situation, I set her to work.

A start has been made

A start has been made.

Enough Talk

All set. Let's paint

Enough talk. Time to get off the ego trip. The bottom line is to paint a piece of work substantial enough in skill and meaning to sell for a fair price that will finance a trip to the already mentioned destinations.

Size: 70 x 90 cms. New Sable brushes. New paints.

Remember and keep remembering: NOTHING and I mean NOTHING contrived. To start I mixed some Alizaran crimson in thinners and splashed/poured the resulting fluid onto the canvas and blotted it with bog roll. Now it comes to mind that the technique needs dots so I am putting some large dots onto the canvas using Mars red as this is the base colour for the gold that I enjoy very much.

The issues I am contemplating strongly at the moment are the ethical and moral complications of trophy hunting. Big game and little game. Long horned sheep etc. A little less talky and a bit more painty.

Back again


Chimney done now where was I. Oh yes, Todd and Joni. Here is a couple on holiday from the “States” both with open minds and a wonderful disposition. While in Edinburgh they fortuitously bump into Eddie McNaughton who directs them to my studio. It takes them two days to find the Secret Gallery.

Now I don’t really know what they thought of my work but I am absolutely certain that they enjoyed looking at it and that made me happy. I believe that to make people happy through art is the artists desire. Apart from the art for a moment, I really like this couple because they have an aura of confidence and peace. They also have two very American attributes, lovely smiles and good manners. Obviously I hope to see them again, hence the project.

The moment I hung my work at the exhibition (4 large pieces) I knew that I had made a good decision. My contemporaries loved it and they were “Happy to see good old Eric back” doing honest work again. The public were fascinated and I sold “Routes” for a good price within hours. The critics too were lenient and the whole affair was a great success with all sorts of records being broken. The Fortingall Exhibition has firmly established itself in the Scottish art world.

A New Style

It was at this point that I decided to change the way I was working. No more landscapes please. To be creative again. The word create literally means to “do what has not been done before” so it is a massive challenge when one considers the true history of contemporary art. Head down and work through the winter with the aim of presenting my new style to the world at large at the Fortingall exhibition in the summer of 2016. The progress of this process is described in the “Introduction” page of this blog. Do have a peep. Also have a look at the website of Fortingall Art. A great exhibition and one at which I have always done well.

As I was putting the finishing touches to my collection for exhibition two things happened. Todd and Joni walked in from the cold and my Mum died. The death of an elderly parent is inevitable and sad but in a strange way it is also liberating. So I became an orphan.

Todd and Joni were the first outside my immediate group to see my new style. Before I continue I have to get on the roof and sweep the chimney. I hate this job but there is a window in the weather so I cannot put it off any longer. I can feel winter’s icy testicles, oops, I mean tentacles. Back later.

The "NC" stands for North Carolina

NC Project

If you are reading this your name will be either Laura, Craig, Todd or Joni. If not then you are a hacker, an invitee (if there is such a thing) or you have had the misfortune to stumble on the ramblings of a gentleman of a certain age. Whatever, this is serious stuff. I call it “Life” and, whoever you are, you are very welcome.

There is a country on our beautiful planet that I want to visit before I rest and this country is Costa Rica. Why? Because it is the most educated country in the world and the only country without a military. Must be worth a visit. And it’s warm.

This then is the story of how I intend to achieve such a lofty goal while travelling business class (DVT) and stopping off in North Carolina en-route in order to visit Todd and Joni who are really rather special people. More on this later. First though, let me start at the beginning.

The only way I can finance such a project is through my work so an honest appraisal is called for as well as an honest and conscientious endeavour. It is clear to me that a record of progress will be of benefit so this diary is born. It is equally clear to me that this “diary” is pretty personal and is mostly for posterity so if you feel the urge to cop out at any point I won’t blame you at all.

Let me start in October 2015.