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7. Nov, 2016

“Longing” took a month to complete and has been a difficult painting but thanks to the encouragement and support of some people the job is done. I believe I have achieved what I set out to achieve and the painting is so pertinent at this moment with the very recent drowning of 300 refugees. It is simply heart breaking.

I have some news coming up in the next day or two regarding prints of my recent work and I will update you as soon as possible. Sometimes we are too busy scanning the horizon to see what is right there under your feet.

Scroll down to my previous posting to see an amature photo of "Longing"

7. Nov, 2016
4. Nov, 2016

I really enjoy this phase as it is relaxing to paint for fun. More swallow to come plus things yet unseen.

3. Nov, 2016

As you can see there are changes taking place. The hard work has been done and now is the time to let the painting come to life. I have been studying Gustav Klimpt’s “The Kiss” and the amount of detail in the ornamentation is massive. If you look carefully at the top right corner of “Longing” you will notice a white swallow. I intend to bring in a flock of these birds emanating from that corner and flying into the painting. About 3 inches to the left of the older girl, directly in her gaze, I intend to paint a swallow about 2 inches in size and in high detail.