10. Oct, 2016

Step One

I am really pleased with "Big Bang" so I will be hard pushed to create something equal in depth. The really hard part is to stay true to the technique and not be seduced into being contrived and ego driven. So I have used teabags. Six of them discarded randomly onto the canvas. I'll take it from here and see what happens. The thing that is most on my mind is a strong longing to see my sister and her family. "Longing" can be a painful thing but thank God for Skype. But still, it's not the same. Think of the refugees and the the intensity of their longing for home. It is so very sad to consider but I will during the process of this painting. As a working title I will use "longing" but this has inherant dangers as it closes the mind to things that might be lurking in the depths of the subconcious