14. Oct, 2016

Step 7. Join the dots

From the beginning artists have been using dots. Aboriginal, cave, Native American, pop, pointillism, patterning. The list is very long and you need only to punch in “dot art” to see how extensive this category is. I cannot and dare not do this because I cannot afford to be deflected from fresh ideas even though they may have been done before. I know that some painter in Canada is working in much the same way as I am so I steer clear of galleries, books and pixels when developing techniques. Back to my dots and some technical notes so feel free to go and watch paint dry or England attempt to play football/soccer/ring-a-ring-a roses.

Top of the section photographed is raw Cad red graduating down into 3;3;3 U M blue, Aliz crim. Zinc white. Halfway down I started introducing pure white.

NOW I MUST DECIDE AND REMEMBER: NOTHING CONTRIVED: Let the shapes that were decided via Tea Bag take the strain and see what develops. Be brave and confident. Keep watching and all this may make some sense by Monday. I am holding thumbs.