31. Oct, 2016

When is a painting finished?

Winter has arrived and the first snows have fallen on the hills. The clocks have gone back and the wind has brought down a large oak tree about a mile down the road. Oak is by far the best wood to burn and it is also the hardest to process but needs must. It is this that has been keeping me away from the computer for a few days so now that my wood shed is full again I can concentrate on my real job again. At my age to process an oak tree is very, very, very difficult and dangerous but equally as rewarding. Every muscle aches but at least we are warm.

“Longing” has been difficult in the extreme but thanks to a comment made by Jennifer I was able to stand back and view the exercise with new eyes. Thanks Jennifer. I still have issues with the piece eg. The central pinkish area needs to darkened to get the composition balanced but the feel of the work is now evident and another week should see the job done. Once done I am starting a commissioned landscape so that will help all my students considerably as you will be able to follow/copy what I do. I nice relaxing job for a really nice lady who lives in Wales.