Dave Hunt has done it again. Brilliant quality prints of "Longing" now available.
A4 Double mounted @ £30.00 +PP
A3 Double mounted @ £70.00 + pp
A2. POR.
Original painting 100 x 70 cm Framed £2500.00 +pp and insurance

Let's get the record straight.

"Facebook" photographed by Dave Hunt.

I have a life that does not revolve around technology and Facebook. I think my painting “Facebook” about says it all. I am still a hunter/gatherer at heart and, in many ways still in fact. I love it. But……….  The words “horns” and “dilemma” come to mind.

I have always sold my work through my gallery only and have many regular customers who have become good friends. One friend owns five of my pieces and I am called the Secret Gallery for a reason. Selling online is new to me and after investigation I have decided that it is a minefield that can eat away at my time so I aim to keep it as simple as possible. If you want a print or a painting or simply a chat then contact me and we can talk and get to know one another. We can discuss sizes, prices, mountings, framing, delivery and life in general. We can share a “virtual” cup of tea. Use this blog to contact me or phone 01887 830575

I have, after many years, found the perfect studio to produce my prints the way I want them to be produced and he is on my doorstep. In fact we have exhibited together at the Fortingall exhibition. I will simply say have a look at his work on this page and then go and visit his website on www.wildgrass.co.uk . His name is Dave Hunt.

Here is a perfect example of Dave's work in producing prints of my work. High quality in every aspect. Perfect.

"Ponder" painted by me and photographed by Dave Hunt