22. Mar, 2017

The background sky has made a big difference and I really am pleased with the result.

21. Mar, 2017

At this moment I am too knackered to make an accurate assessment of this piece of work. I could just carry on and on and on with the feathers but I'll let it rest a while.

20. Mar, 2017

Axl is nearing completion. I need to smooth some of the feathers but when one feather seems right there is always the next one. A never ending process but so enjoyable. I am also going to do some work on the sky. Perhaps bring in a pinkish light that I will then reflect off Axl. Brighten him up a bit. I will take it slow.

17. Mar, 2017

Now to work on the feathers. Notice that the chest has been trimmed down as Axl was beginning to look like a chicken. The fourth flight feather on Axl's left wing is what I am after in terms of colour so still a way to go. The body feathers too have only had a single coat. I am going to glaze the crown with gold so he will look regal. He is, after al, the king of birds.

15. Mar, 2017

Axl is about halfway through until completion. Still to do is the reflections of the sky, the light and the pigmentation. This an important phase and calls for diligence and patience. As you can see I have cocked upon the tail (trying to take a short cut) so this needs to be repainted. As I say, still a long way to go, possibly about a week to 10 days.