10. Mar, 2017

The Approach.

I am looking forward to this painting with much enthusiasm and this augers well for the eventual outcome. I have a clear plate and, although I am working on another project at the same time, I can apply 100% concentration to the applications involved as the two projects are similar. Using 6 or 7 photos as reference I have drawn an eagle with attitude as this gives added interest to both the viewer and the painter with the added bonus of it being more of a challenge.
Having sketched the bird onto the 80 x 60 cm canvas I first panted a flat background using about 50/50 white and Burnt Umber. This I followed by filling in the shape of the eagle with straight, flat Burnt Umber in order to simply see the scale and composition of the work. After a couple of tweaks I started on the background which is going to be a sky and no more. A few clouds maybe to add movement and atmosphere. Blues, reds and browns should contrast well with the generally gold/red/brown colour of the bird. I then painted the eagle with different tones just to outline the important features such as talons, beak, main feathers etc. Remember that colours at this stage are not vital as very little of what is on the canvas now will ultimately be seen in the end. As the layers mount I can adjust the colours accordingly until I am satisfied. This will become clear as I progress.